Apr 19

NASA scientists traverse Antarctica to Prep for new climate satellite

 Two NASA scientists recently returned from a two week, 470-mile (760 kilometers) expedition in one of the most barren landscapes on Earth. NASA cryospheric scientist Kelly Brunt and ICESat-2 deputy project scientist Tom Neumann were mapping a section of the latitude line at 88 degrees south in the South Pole in preparation for the Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) mission, which is scheduled to launch in September.ICESat-2 will use lasers to track changes in ice sheets, sea ice, glaciers and more — all of which belong to Earth’s “cryosphere” — and researchers will use that data to investigate the effect of climate change on Earth’s sea levels. In order for ICESat-2 to make precise measurements from orbit, scientists needed to collect some data from the ground to calibrate the satellite’s instruments.