Apr 09

Scientists caught the deepest-dwelling fish in the ocean on camera over 5 miles below the surface

A team of Japanese scientists set a record by catching the deepest-dwelling fish on camera 26,830 feet below the ocean surface. The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology filmed a snailfish in late August in the Marianas Trench, the deepest zone of the Pacific Ocean. To catch the creature on camera, the scientists placed a series of high-resolution cameras on an unmanned submersible.Using mackerel as bait, the team caught an underwater feeding frenzy at a depth of 7,498 meters, or just under 25,000 feet, with giant amphipods — a type of deep-sea crustacean — as well as a group of snailfish swarming the mackerel.A few hours after lowering the submersible even more, to t0 8,178 meters, or 26,830 feet, the team filmed a lonely snailfish that came to poke around the remains of the mackerel.

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