Deep Seas

The Seabed Arms Control Treaty (or Seabed Treaty ) is a multilateral agreement between the United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, and 84 other countries banning the emplacement of nuclear weapons or “weapons of mass destruction ” on the ocean floor beyond a 12-mile (22.2 km) coastal zone. It allows signatories to observe all seabed “activities” of any other signatory beyond the 12-mile zone in order to ensure compliance.


Read this LETTER from Lance Morgan, president and CEO of Marine Conservation Institute on a project developped in cooperation with New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA). The mission is to identify the locations of vulnerable marine ecosystems in the South Pacific on board the ship “Tangaroa” – Check the video link below to know more about this special marine research vessel.

The Implementation of UNGA Resolutions 61/105 and 64/72 in the Management of Deep-Sea Fisheries on the High Sea

DEEP SEA MINING – The depletion of resources on land together with the increase in resource demand and the parallel development in technologies for deep sea exploration have brought the issue of deep-sea mining to the forefront of political, industrial and scientific debate ( read more)

READ this excelent article: “PROTECT THE DEEP SEA”

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