Mar 30

Russian submarine in Arctic tracked ‘enemy’ sub undetected for days

A crew member of a Russian nuclear submarine says his vessel tracked a “foreign” submarine for days in Arctic waters without being detected in what’s described as a record feat for Russia’s navy.“From the [moment] first contact with the foreign submarine happened, it lasted for several days and that was a record for the navy in terms of tracking,” Aleksandr Brazgun, the crew member of the Akula-class nuclear-powered attack submarine, said in an interview last week with TV channel Zvezda. The station is operated by Russia’s Defense Ministry.The story is the latest in an escalating propaganda war between Russia and the West involving military moves in the Arctic region.The Independent Barents Observer, in picking up the, story says the nationality of the foreign sub wasn’t disclosed. But it is believed to be a NATO submarine. The sailor’s interview comes amid reports that US and allied submarines have stepped up activities near the Arctic Circle in response to rising tensions with Russia.

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