Mar 30

Volvo Race team campaigns against plastic in oceans

Turn the Tide on Plastic is a mixed, youth focused team with a strong sustainability message, led by Britain’s Dee Caffari. The campaign, backed by the principle sustainability partner the Mirpuri Foundation, and Ocean Family Foundation, is dedicated to the issue of ocean health.The team’s guiding mission is to amplify United Nations Environment Clean Seas: Turn the Tide on Plastic’ campaign throughout the nine months of the race.Caffari has built a multinational, 50-50 male-female squad, with the majority under 30 years of age. Alongside the sustainability focus, the messages around inclusivity in age and gender will be strong themes of a campaign that in sporting terms may not start as a favourite, but could easily surprise on the water.
Turn The Tide On Plastic is competing in the round the world Volvo Ocean Race with a strong sustainability message that aims to encourage people to change their behaviour towards single-use plastic and marine pollution. They endeavour to lead and inspire lasting changes in addressing the crisis of plastic pollution in our ocean.

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