Jul 27

Great Pacific Garbage Patch cleanup is drawing near

An unsettling study released in March showed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a teeming collection of floating plastic junk located between California and Hawaii, is now three times the size of France. But it may start shrinking soon if non-profit The Ocean Cleanup gets its way.

The Ocean Cleanup is developing a floating debris-gathering system and plans to launch its first practical test run this summer. Last week, the group unveiled its final system design, which consists of a fleet of smaller free-floating systems, rather than a sole massive one as had originally planned.
The fleet, which will float in a U-shaped array, gathers up debris. In the garbage patch, the debris consists of an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic and trash ranging from buckets to discarded fishing gear. A skirt below the waterline helps to gather the smaller particles under the surface, while letting marine life swim under.

The system is stocked with lights, cameras, sensors and satellite location equipment. Once the plastic is gathered up, a ship can come and collect it like an ocean-going garbage truck. Read more

This project could clean the Pacific Garbage Patch

The Ocean Cleanup project is way ahead of schedule.

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