Mar 11

Our Spaces director, Sylvia Earle, meets with Brazil’s president to discuss expansion of country’s marine protected areas

Brazil is prepared and ready to change the dynamics of conservation in the South Atlantic. Following the recent moves of Mexico and Chile both creating Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s), Brazil should soon be joining them. Currently, 1.5% of Brazil’s jurisdictional waters are under some sort of protection, the Brazilian government has opened public proposals to establish MPA’s around the oceanic archipelagos of St. Peter/St. Paul Archipelago’s and Martin Vaz, an area covering approximately 348,000 square miles. This would bump the currently 1.5% of protected area to a 21%. oth areas that would be protected are full of rich biodiversity home to endangered species including whales, sharks, sea turtles, and pelagic species severely depleted by industrial overfishing.

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