Aug 26

Norwegian billionaire has ordered a high-tech yacht named R.E.V. – Research Expedition Vessel

Kjell Inge Røkke, majority stakeholder in the Norwegian conglomerate Aker ASA, has decided to invest a fraction of his $2.7 billion net worth in a brand new yacht designed by Espen Oeino, called the REV.
But unlike most yachts built for billionaires, the one in Røkke’s pipeline is designed to serve a greater purpose: REV stands for Research Expedition Vessel.
hough the yacht will be privately owned, it will not only be used for taking Røkke and his family on cruises in the Norwegian fjords. It will also be available for charters, and, more importantly, it is designed to accomodate 60 scientists and 40 crew on environmental research missions in partnership with WWF Norway, Yacht World reports.

“There may not be any economic rationale for the private construction of such a ship, but the case is compelling from the oceans’ point of view. I look forward to working with scientists, marine experts, environmentalists and positive, knowledgeable, solution-oriented people both in Norway and internationally. The ship will be offered as an arena for scientists and explorers from all over the world. The vessel will be built to the highest standard making it suitable for charter to private individuals, companies and institutions, which will generate research funding, and my family and I will also charter and use the ship as a place for recreation and inspiration,” Kjell Inge Røkke writes.

With scientific purposes in mind, the vessel has been equiped with a lot of things you wouldn’t expect on any old luxury yacht: a 35-meter crane, multiple work boats, an auditorium, a conference center, an exhibition room, marine surveying equipment, laboratories, two helipads, and an underwater vehicle.

If all this didn’t make the yacht unique enough, it is also set to hold a few records when it is completed in 2020. 182-meters in length, the REV will be the world’s largest yacht. It will naturally also be the world’s heaviest, at 16,000GT.