Click HERE, to dowload a pdf version of “CELEBRATING ANTARCTICA” The Antarctica Treaty in book form for young audiences, illustrated by school children from around the world!
It is presented in 23 different languages!
(22 + English with each one )

Primary school resources and activities
Antarctica Day Flag Activity ( English ) Youth from all over the world created thousands of flags, celebrating Antarctica Day!
Click here to download the power point Antarctica Day Flags 2015 From Classroom to Antarctica-All kinds of science!
Click here to see the flag makers, researchers & the many places the student designs were displayed 2013-14.
Click here to watch a movie with images of the Antarctica Day flags displayed at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica
Discovering Antarctica – 20 up-to-date, in-depth and interactive teaching and learning resources.
•How to Keep Warm!

Going to Antarctica – an activity for planning your expedition.
Flakes, Blobs and Bubbles – An Ice Core Art Project.
Tortilla Map – A Hands on Look at Antarctica.

Secondary school resources
Click here to download a PowerPoint presentation with an introduction to Antarctica Day and Activities suggestions.
•Antarctica- Global Science from a Frozen Continent – Presentation by Editor DWH Walton here
•British Antarctic Survey_Antarctic School Pack here.
•Great stuff on Deep Sea Corals here
•UK GCSE – a power point on Antarctica available here
WRF_1_Photosynthesis, Decomposition, and the “Buried Carbon” Hypothesis
WRF_2_”Where in the World is King George Island?” (Understanding the Geography)
PolarTREC Learning Resources to select from over 570 by age group, subject, and type of activity.
Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting – Debate Exercise
Tortilla Map – A Hands on Look at Antarctica.


Photo Libraries
•UNEP/GRID Arendal Photo library here.
•U.S. NSF’s Antarctic Photo Library here.
•British Antarctic Survey Images & Maps of Antarctica here.
•Scott Polar Research Institute Library Pictures (SPRI) here.
•Polar Media Archive – here


Polar Resource Book for Educators
Polar Science and Global Climate: An International Resource for Education and Outreach comprises background information on recent polar research and the history of IPY. It addresses climate change related issues from the perspective of the indigenous population in the Arctic. It provides a selection of teaching resources on six polar themes (atmosphere, ice, ocean, land, people and space) and showcases large- and small-scale education and outreach projects successfully carried out during the IPY.

Climate Change at Earth’s Poles: 50 Research-Based Lessons for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, 2012. Janet Nadeau

Further Resources
All you want to know about Antarctica (in German)
Early Exploration of Antarctica, here.
IceCube South Pole Neutrino Detector: here.
A compilation of Antarctic Educational Websites here

Global Thinking Learning To Change The World
Putting Global Dimensions